Preserving an Agricultural Legacy at Johnson Farm

Photo: Haley Bates

This past summer, SRA staff and dozens of volunteers worked tirelessly to construct new hiking trails at SRA’s newest publicly accessible nature preserve, Johnson Farm. The trails at Johnson Farm meander through pastures and active agricultural fields, skirting a series of stone walls that perfectly frame the breathtaking hillside panorama to the east. As we built the trails, pulling stones from the path and adding them to the nearby walls, I felt a deep sense of connection to the rich agricultural history of this place. It was as though with each stone, I was playing my small part in the legacy of this land, building on a narrative that began over a century ago with a family of hardworking farmers. Because of you, our donors, that legacy will persevere for centuries to come. As it has for generations, Johnson Farm will continue to support our local farming families, and, at the same time, connect all of us to the agricultural traditions that define Washington. Want to explore this beautiful and storied landscape for yourself? Visit here for more information. 

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