“Bear” In Mind It’s Fall Foraging Season

An increase in black bear sightings throughout Town and encounters in residential areas are to be expected this time of year. Bears are actively seeking calorie-rich foods to build fat stores for winter and will take advantage of anthropogenic sources when made available. Please do your part to avoid conflicts and prevent individuals from obtaining […]

Report Large Mammal Sightings

Have you seen a black bear, coyote, bobcat, fisher, or river otter when hiking in one of our preserves? Prepare yourself for reporting your next large mammal observation. The data you collect will help us better understand species’ distribution, population dynamics, and movements. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Download the ArcGIS Survey123 App on your […]

Take Action for Wildlife Conservation

Bobolink in Macricostas Hay Field

Bobolinks are one of Connecticut’s most iconic grassland birds and an important part of our heritage. Their population has shrunk by 60% over the last 50 years, and conservation scientists predict that this precipitous decline will continue. A critical threat to bobolinks is the loss of habitat. They migrate over 4,000 miles to Connecticut from […]

Surveying for Shepaug Eagles

The Midwinter Eagle Survey is a research project designed to monitor the status and detect trends of wintering eagle populations in the United States over time. Here in Connecticut, Steep Rock Association has coordinated a consistent effort to survey the entire Shepaug River with the help of dedicated community scientists. Each individual or party within […]

Cold Water in a Warming World

Cold Water in a Warming World

In recognition of a rapidly shifting climate and increasingly pronounced weather events, Steep Rock Association (SRA) has proactively managed our preserves to enhance their climate resilience – the ability to resist and recover from climate-related disruptions. The ecology of rivers and streams are particularly vulnerable, not only to prolonged droughts and severe floods, but also […]

Steep Rock Association Prepares for Reaccreditation: Public Comments Sought


The land trust accreditation program recognizes land conservation organizations that meet national quality standards for protecting important natural places and working lands forever. In 2017, Steep Rock Association was recognized as a nationally accredited land trust. We are now pleased to announce that we are applying for renewal of our accreditation. A public comment period is now open.  The Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of […]

Macricostas Expansion

Grand Opening Above (from left): Boulders Trail Leadership: Steep Rock’s Mike Giapponi, John Santoleri, and Robby Barnet, November 19, 2022. We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all the people who joined us on Saturday, November 19th for the Grand Opening of the Boulders Trail, a new, 1-mile sustainably built hiking trail in Macricostas Preserve that […]

Hillside Farm Protected: The Power of Preservation Partnership

Steep Rock Association is thrilled to announce the newest addition to its preservation portfolio – Hillside Farm. The 86-acre property located on Nettleton Hollow Road at the junction of Washington and Woodbury is a mosaic of prime farmland and critical habitats including meadow, forest, wetlands, and streams. This exciting acquisition, made possible through public/private partnership, ensures […]

2021 Annual Community Picnic

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Steep Rock Annual Community Picnic on September 11, 2021. This event continues our long-lived end-of-summer tradition here in Washington.

September Round up for a Cause

New Morning Market Proud to Partner with Steep Rock Association. Woodbury, CT September 2021 New Morning Market is proud to partner with Steep Rock Association (SRA) through their September Round Up for a Cause effort. Steep Rock Association is a nationally-accredited land trust whose mission is to conserve ecologically and historically significant landscapes and riparian […]