Johnson Farm Preserve

37 West Mountain Road #2 Washington, CT 06793

Located in the southeast corner of Washington, the 52-acre Johnson Farm Preserve showcases several active agricultural fields, as well as a mix of sunny meadows and shady, open forests. 2 miles of hiking trails crisscross this landscape, offering breathtaking hillside views.

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Points of Interest

At only 52-acres, Johnson Farm Preserve is SRA’s smallest nature preserve that is open to the public. With its grand hilltop views and hiking trails that pass through picturesque fields and open forest, this small preserve leaves a big impression.


1. Pasture Oak Picnic Site

Perched atop a small ridge crowned by sprawling oak trees, this picnic site provides breathtaking views of the adjoining farm fields as well as the surrounding hillsides of Washington, Woodbury, and Bethlehem. 

FAQS & Rules

Please help us protect the natural beauty and integrity of the preserve by not removing or destroying plants and wildlife. Click below to see how you can best help us protect the environment.

  • Do not remove or destroy plants and wildlife.
  • Open sunrise to sunset, daily.
  • Park cars in designated areas.
  • All motorized vehicles are prohibited beyond parking areas.
  • No hunting.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No loud noise or music.
  • Drones are prohibited.
  • Fires are not permitted.
  • No camping.
  • Do not harm trees by chopping, carving or driving nails.
  • Do not litter: please carry out what you carry in.
    • Cross-Country Skiers: Please set tracks on one side of the trail only.
    • Hikers, Snowshoers and dogs please respect ski tracts by keeping to the other side of the trail.

    Directions to Preserve


    37 West Mountain Road #2
    Washington, CT 06793

    Preserve hours

    Sunrise to Sunset
    Monday – Sunday

    Contact SRA

    Phone: (860) 868-9131