Commercial Use Policy

Steep Rock Association Land, Inc. 

Commercial Use Policy 

In order to curb unauthorized commercial use of Steep Rock Association’s preserves, the  Board of Trustees hereby adopts the following policy regarding commercial use of its  preserves. 


Historically, Steep Rock Association, Inc. (“SRA”) has kept a close eye on the use of its  preserves. As a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of  its landholdings, and intending to make the preserves which constitute a portion of those  holdings available for the use of the citizens of Washington and surrounding  communities, without charge, for passive recreational purposes, it is important that the  preserves be protected against unauthorized commercial use for which neither SRA nor  its intended users derive any benefit. Furthermore, since some of SRA’s properties are  subject to restrictive covenants which expressly prohibit any commercial use, it is  incumbent upon SRA to ensure that it adopts and publicizes policy in accordance with  those restrictions. However, recognizing that there may be circumstances which cannot  presently be foreseen in which such uses, if not in violation of existing restrictions, might  be beneficial to SRA’s intended users and capable of being conducted in a manner that is  neither detrimental to the preserves or to SRA’s 501(c)(3) status, any policy should  provide for exceptions on a case by case basis as are approved by the Executive Director  and/or the Board of Trustees. 


For the purposes of this policy, “commercial use” is intended to mean any use made of  the SRA preserves by any for-profit organization or any organization charging a fee for  such use. It is not intended to include agricultural uses for which SRA charges third  parties incidental and nominal fees. Nor is it intended to encompass camping or  picnicking or similar activities conducted by local individuals and organizations for  which SRA may impose a fee intended to compensate SRA for administrative costs  associated with monitoring and permitting such uses. Finally, “commercial use” shall not  include non-profit fundraising or educational endeavors conducted with SRA’s  permission. This policy is not intended to supercede the requirement that any use of the  SRA preserves of 25 or more people by any individual or organization requires a permit. 


Commercial use of the SRA preserves is not allowed without a permit issued by SRA’s  Executive Director and/or Board of Trustees, and that the users have provided  satisfactory evidence of liability insurance coverage naming SRA as an additional insured. This policy shall be made public and posted on SRA’s website and kiosks in  order to discourage unauthorized commercial use.