Hillside Farm Protected: The Power of Preservation Partnership

Approximately 1600′ of frontage on Nettleton Hollow Road offers the public a scenic viewshed of protected open space

Steep Rock Association is thrilled to announce the newest addition to its preservation portfolio – Hillside Farm. The 86-acre property located on Nettleton Hollow Road at the junction of Washington and Woodbury is a mosaic of prime farmland and critical habitats including meadow, forest, wetlands, and streams.

This exciting acquisition, made possible through public/private partnership, ensures the viability of the farm’s agricultural practice and provides enormous benefit to wildlife, water quality, as well as present and future generations of Connecticut residents, allowing them the opportunity to experience our state’s unique heritage and enjoy the integrity of intact, functioning natural resources.

The significance of this project is further accentuated by the recent acquisition of the neighboring Johnson Farm and Steep Rock’s vision to connect several protected properties in the Pomperaug River watershed, forming one preserve with outstanding passive recreation opportunity.

Open fields provide habitat for declining grassland bird populations and a variety of other wildlife
Steep woodlands are part of a 450-acre unfragmented forest essential to forest-interior birds and large mammals
Stonewalls preserve the land’s history and a large vernal pool supports breeding amphibians
Approximately 1800′ of riparian habitat along Sprain Brook conserves sensitive fish, reptiles, and invertebrates

Our sincere thanks go to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for awarding funds through their Open Space and Watershed Acquisition Program and the United States Department of Agriculture for acceptance into their Agricultural Conservation Easement Program. We would also like to recognize the incredible support from our municipal and private partners, who were was instrumental in making Hillside Farm a conservation success story.

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