“Bear” In Mind It’s Fall Foraging Season

An increase in black bear sightings throughout Town and encounters in residential areas are to be expected this time of year. Bears are actively seeking calorie-rich foods to build fat stores for winter and will take advantage of anthropogenic sources when made available. Please do your part to avoid conflicts and prevent individuals from obtaining detrimental habits. Here are simple measures to make your home less attractive:

– Wait until December to put out bird feeders
– Keep pet food, treats, and bowls indoors
– Store garbage in a secure, enclosed space such as a garage and use a bear-resistant container
– Clean grills and store them indoors when not in use
– Harvest produce from gardens and orchards
– Restrict access to compost piles, apiaries, and livestock (electric fencing works well).


If you see a bear on your property, calmly go inside, wait for it to leave, and assess potential attractants. Thank you for promoting a healthy coexistence with black bears in our community.

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