Gratitude Report 2022

As we reflect on our accomplishments over the past year, we are truly indebted to you.  

Nearly 100 years ago, we began as an organization tasked with the protection of a 186-acre parcel of land to protect the Steep Rock summit. From our small humble origins in land preservation, SRA has grown into a recognized leader in land conservation, stewardship, and recreation in Washington, the Litchfield Hills, and state of Connecticut.

Thanks to the vision of our founders and work of our predecessors, Trustees, staff, and generous supporters like you, SRA now manages over 5,550 acres of land, with 51% owned in preserves and 49% held in conservation easements. These natural spaces provide exceptional habitat for wildlife, natural filters that cleanse our drinking water, tillable land for farming, scenic vistas for hikers, and protection from everchanging climate conditions.

Steep Rock’s stewardship offers glimpses into our history, provides nearly 50 miles of trails to enjoy, and ensures suitable habitats for more than 40 species listed as threatened, endangered, or of special concern in Connecticut. Judea Garden feeds our neighbors in need and our programs and events celebrate connections between the natural and human world, inspire children to learn about Nature, and engage volunteers in studying our flora and fauna and how to best protect them. 

Over the past year we acquired new properties, blazed new trails, reduced ecological threats, discovered new species, and made many, many new friends. We are truly indebted to you. You helped fund our many projects, volunteered your time and energy, and provided us goods and services that helped SRA accomplish our goals.  

Thank you for all you do for Steep Rock Association.

To show our appreciation for your support, we are pleased to share with you SRA’s “2022 Gratitude Report.” 

With Gratitude,     

Brian E. Hagenbuch, Ph.D.                                          
Executive Director

Thomas M. Rickart

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