Summer Study and Notes from the Past

barred owl fledgeling

July is a fascinatingly wild time of year. Life histories of organisms spanning all taxonomic kingdoms converge, forming a bustling and bursting environment that beckons for natural study. Learn about biodiversity in the preserves and the interconnections that shape natural communities through our experiential “Notes from the Field” articles posted on the website. This selection of seasonally relevant entries from summers past are certainly worth revisiting.


Whether it’s improved detection of newts, identification of fledged birds or recognition of bat roosting habitat, we hope their naturalist tips and lessons further your connection to nature.

Red Efts on the Move >more
Myriad of Mushrooms >more
Fuzzy Heads and Flappy Wings…Fledgling Season is in Full Swing >more
Gastropods have the Right of Way >more
An Ultrasonic Ear to the Night Sky >more

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