September Round up for a Cause

New Morning Market Proud to Partner with Steep Rock Association.

Woodbury, CT

September 2021

New Morning Market is proud to partner with Steep Rock Association (SRA) through their September Round Up for a Cause effort. Steep Rock Association is a nationally-accredited land trust whose mission is to conserve ecologically and historically significant landscapes and riparian corridors in and around Washington, CT and to enhance the community’s connection to nature through outreach, education, and passive recreation. Now more than ever, they are facing insidious threats such as the climate crisis, invasive species, environmental indifference, and development pressure. The need for open space, recreation, and working lands is imperative for sustaining the future and why New Morning Market has partnered with the organization. New Morning Market’s dedication to environmental consideration is one of the cornerstones of their mission and makes the collaboration with SRA, a natural fit.

“We are thrilled with the support of New Morning Market and share their vision of personal wellness, local stewardship, and environmental sustainability,” said Steep Rock’s Executive Director Brian Hagenbuch. “As a nonprofit organization almost entirely dependent on donations, this partnership reflects the importance of supporting a broader community to come together to conserve land, protect endangered species, and offer unique passive recreation opportunities for the general public.”

Steep Rock Association envisions a Washington, CT where conserved lands, healthy ecosystems, and a biologically rich natural world thrive in harmony with a vibrant, engaged, diverse, and supportive community that is ecologically, culturally, and economically sustainable. They’ve protected over 5400 acres of land, have four nature preserves open to the public and nearly 47 miles of recreational trails. As a result, SRA protects and stewards special places for the local community to learn about nature and explore the great outdoors.

Join New Morning Market during the month of September to raise funds through the Round Up for a Cause effort. Every time you check out at the register, you have the opportunity to support this organization by rounding up your change. New Morning Market is also proud to additionally match all donations up to $500.

Celebrating 50 years of Goodness, New Morning Market has been committed to the good food lifestyle since opening their doors in 1971. With a team of over 100 employees working with countless local producers as well as partnering with dozens of local non-profit organizations throughout the year, they ensure that the environment and the community continues to be at the forefront of their vision. Recognized by Connecticut Magazine, Republican American, and Natural Awakenings as the Best Health Food Store in Connecticut, they are always working to bring new, exciting, and healthful foods & products to their customers. New Morning believes good food is key to a good life. That a good life is one shared among good people. That good people are good to the earth and that goodness is all around.

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