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Bobolink in Macricostas Hay Field

Bobolinks are one of Connecticut’s most iconic grassland birds and an important part of our heritage. Their population has shrunk by 60% over the last 50 years, and conservation scientists predict that this precipitous decline will continue.

A critical threat to bobolinks is the loss of habitat. They migrate over 4,000 miles to Connecticut from South America in search of large grasslands to breed.

Saving these vulnerable birds means taking action to preserve open spaces now and responsibly steward them into the future.  

Thanks to you and the Steep Rock community, we are spearheading several conservation projects to protect grasslands and promote Bobolink’s reproductive success. Conducting breeding bird surveys, maintaining native and restored fields, managing recreational use, and working with farmers are all part of our work to ensure the well-being of Bobolinks in our preserves and throughout their range. 

And when we preserve habitats for Bobolinks, it benefits other wildlife as well as humans. When we work together to conserve the Bobolink, we help save some of Connecticut’s most important natural landscapes and working lands. These environments support a vast array of wildlife, perform crucial ecosystem functions, and sustain local agriculture.

Help us make a bigger conservation impact in 2022 by joining our community of monthly donors. Your generosity will help us protect, maintain and expand our preserves so that hundreds of species like the Bobolink don’t lose their habitats.  Thank you!

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