Macricostas Preserve has a StoryWalk! This community collaboration between Steep Rock Association, Gunn Memorial Library, and Washington Supply offers a fun and educational outdoor activity for families.  Pages from nature-focused children books are posted on display boards along a short, designated trail.  Books are changed seasonally so be sure to visit each new season. Fall 2022 Book […]

Seed Saving

Judea Garden has also begun to further incorporate the practice of seed saving. This practice is relatively easy, although it of course depends on the plant. We can look at this process through the example of the Arugula grown at Judea Garden. It is first planted in the fall and some are harvested in easy spring, then […]

Leaving them to Seed

In Judea Garden some plants produce many seeds naturally that will come back year after year if you don’t clean out the beds. One example of this is the Ground Cherries found in our garden. This is a type of husked fruit that ripens as it falls to the ground, and if all the seeds aren’t collected […]

Growing Seedlings in a Greenhouse and Using Grow Tables

Judea Garden has been lucky to have the use of a greenhouse at Back 40 Farm, where Enya Cunningham has been tending seedlings for us.  Growing some of our seeds in the greenhouse allows us to get a head start on the growing season and plant seedlings in the garden beds at Judea Garden, rather […]

Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers (RBV) Program

Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers (RBV) Program

Macroinvertebrates are great indicators of water quality.  Certain species are very tolerant of degraded water while others like many stoneflies and some mayflies have a low tolerance for poor water quality.  The presence of low-tolerance species indicates high water quality and a healthy lotic system. The Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers (RBV) is a DEEP program […]



Next time you are looking at program flyers or checking trail maps in the trailhead kiosks, stop and do some investigating.  Perhaps a phoebe has built a nest beneath the roof or a spider has claimed a nook.  I have found them to be a great place to see what insects are out.  Many kiosks are adjacent to […]