The Big Picture

You are part of something big. While your support is vital to Steep Rock protecting over 5,550 acres in Washington, you have also been a catalyst for conservation in the region and beyond. Your support enables Steep Rock to collaborate closely with our land trust partners in the Litchfield Hills to promote land conservation, protect critical habitats, and create effective linkages and corridors that enhance natural movement and protection for wildlife. SRA actively participates in the “Follow the Forest” initiative, an effort to protect and connect at least 50% of core forest habitats (>250 acres) from the lower Hudson Valley to the Canada border to decrease the impacts of the climate crisis, reduce habitat fragmentation, and enable a wide variety of plant and animal species the capacity to move between areas. To learn more about our collaborative efforts, watch “Follow the Forest.” Thank you, for being part of something big. 

See you on our trails…

Brian Hagenbuch, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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