A Strategic Piece to the Conservation Puzzle

Steep Rock Association

With the growing and widespread threats of development, habitat loss, and climatic shifts, now more than ever, it is critical to think in a regional context and act to address our piece of the greater conservation puzzle. How do our actions fit into the big picture of conservation?

What habitats are limited in the landscape and providing a haven for specialist species?

Where are suitable corridors for wildlife to move within their home range and shift their distribution in response to environmental alterations?

What ecosystems are at increased risk of degradation and extirpation?

When you support Steep Rock, you not only help us to answer these questions, but also to solve their inherent problems. For instance, we’re currently combating invasive species to enhance two globally imperiled spring fens that host several threatened plants. Monitoring regimes for three critical habitat types have been developed to document current condition, identify impairments, and detect long-term shifts. Over a dozen species and wildlife groupings are being researched for an improved understanding of conservation implications, and we are nearing the protection of not one, not two, but three! properties providing linkages for wildlife to move between quality habitats.

Clearly, Steep Rock Association is instrumental for both local and landscape scale conservation, and we all must “think big” in light of the unprecedented pressures faced by the natural environment. Every bit of stewardship and support counts – only together can we complete the puzzle of positioning our ecosystems and their wild habitants for longevity into future.

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