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Conservation Connects Us

We’re on a mission to fund conservation this #GivingTuesday.
Join us and help prove just how much we can accomplish when we work together.

We value and need your support. Because the land we save together improves the air we breathe, cleans the water we drink, and forms the trails that connect us.

By conserving land, we are protecting forests and trees so they can clean air and combat global warming. When we protect land near rivers and streams, we safeguard clean drinking water for us and all the creatures whose lives depend on it.

Thanks to you and the Steep Rock community, our land trust now manages 5,400 acres of land for biodiversity; protects 33 endangered and threatened species; provides high-quality conservation education programs; and maintains 47 miles of recreational trails.

Trails that connect you to some of the most sweeping views in Litchfield County. Trails that provide unparalleled, no-cost recreation to families in all seasons, and surround you with natural spaces that inspire, invigorate, and heal.

Conservation connects us to each other and to nature.
And we need connection now more than ever.

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It may not seem like much to take action on #GivingTuesday, but it matters.  To us, to the wildlife who call our preserves home, and to every single person who enjoys Steep Rock’s trails—today and in generations to come.

–Your Friends at Steep Rock


PS: We are so grateful that generous, thoughtful people like you are joining us to fund conservation—something that is needed now more than ever before.

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