Look Through the Lens

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true for Steep Rock Association. Photography is an incredible tool for performing scientific research, telling the story of our conservation impact, and highlighting the importance of open space. This year, we aim to increase photographic documentation of the preserves, and we encourage other preserve goers to share in this resolve.

By slowing down, taking in your surroundings, and looking through the lens, the all too often unperceived magic and wonder of nature are unveiled. It may be as minute as a water droplet on a budding leaf or as a grand as a river raging between towering trees. Photography encourages us to study a subject and obtain a better understanding of its character, put it in a larger ecological context, and ultimately gain a greater appreciation for its existence. Snapping the shutter not only captures the subject, but also the unique setting of place and time. Revisiting these photographs has an uncanny ability to resurrect experiences, senses, and even emotions. Whether your novice or experienced, grab the camera for your next exploration, join us in further discovery, and please share what you find this year!

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