Steep Rock Association is pleased to let you know that our three preserves (Hidden Valley, Macricostas, and Steep Rock) remain open for passive recreational use such as hiking, birdwatching, photography, fishing, and similar activities. Open hours are sunrise to sunset. We welcome your visit. Below are SRA’s preserve rules to enhance your experience. We updated these practices to keep within federal and state guidelines to protect the health and safety of you and our visitors, minimize the overall impact on our trail system, and protect the plants and animals that call our preserves home.

  • Peak visiting hours are weekends between 11:00 am-4:00 pm.
  • If you are planning to visit, consider coming during non-peak hours (weekdays or weekend mornings and late afternoons).
  • Equestrian parking at Hidden Valley Preserve is no longer available until further notice. The Steep Rock Riding Ring remains open. 
  • Check different preserve maps on our website for alternate parking areas or visit a different preserve if you feel one is too crowded for your comfort.
  • Parking off-site and walking into preserves is not allowed when lots are full.
  • For your safety and to maintain our good neighbors, do not park along roads, in lawns, or use driveways to turn around.
  • Maintain appropriate social distances on trails and wear a mask when near other people.
  • Stay on open trails only. Do not enter closed trails or create your own trail.
  • Leash your pets to reduce threats to nesting animals, protect our trailside flora and fauna, and decrease the chance of being exposed to ticks.
  • All Steep Rock Preserves practice “Leave No Trace” guidelines.
  • Remove all human and pet waste from preserves. Waste is not only unsightly but can contaminate bodies of water and spread disease.
  • Do not remove or destroy plants and wildlife or harm trees by chopping, carving, or driving nails.
  • All motorized vehicles are prohibited beyond parking areas
  • No alcoholic beverages, loud noise, or music.

Our operations are funded entirely from donors like you. Please consider a donation to support our efforts.

Enjoy your hike.

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